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MOMS Club of Bowie, Maryland


Our dues are $25.00 per year, which helps to pay for our room rentals, supplies, group activities, holiday parties and other programs. We are an IRS registered, non-profit group so any money collected will be used exclusively for our programs and projects.

We understand that being an mother at-home often means a tight family budget, so if the dues will be a hardship for your family, please talk to the group's President or Treasurer.

Come Join Us!

We are an active group and offer many different types of activities and support to our members. You are invited to attend 2 activities, such as a business meeting, before deciding if you want to join. Our group is very open to new members and you probably won't be the only new person there!

While you are there, speak with our Membership VP to discuss other activities, such as a morning or afternoon playgroup, that you could experience prior to joining our MOMS club.

Once you have decided to join, please contact our Membership VP and she will send you a new membership packet which includes the current newsletter and weekly activities.