Contact International MOMS Club at 1464 Madera Rd #N 191 Simi Valley, CA 93065 or

Please feel free to nurse your child at our meetings. We're all mothers, and many of us have nursed our own children.

MOMS Club of Bowie, Maryland

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Frequently Asked Questions

MOMS Club of Bowie

Q: Who can join the MOMS Club?
A: The MOMS Club is a support group for moms who stay at home with their children, including those that have home-based businesses and those who work part-time but are home with their children for some portion of the day. Most of our activities are scheduled during the day, as that's when stay at home mothers need the most support!

Q: Where do I have to live to join this chapter?
A: The MOMS Club of Bowie, Maryland covers the zip codes of 20715, 20716, 20717, 20718, 20719, 20720, 20721, and 20769. If you don't live within the chapter boundaries, there are over 1,500 chapters nationwide and there is likely a chapter in your area. To locate a chapter in your area, email

Q: Can I attend a MOMS Club activity before I decide to join?
A: Yes! Non-members may attend up to two monthly business meetings or park days before deciding whether to join. We strongly recommend that you do so that you can meet existing members and get a feel for the club. For information on event dates and locations please email our Membership Vice President at It is International MOMS Club policy that only members may attend other activities.

Q: Are there membership dues?
A: Yes. Annual membership dues are $25 and are due when you join. Dues help to defer costs of running the club including monthly newsletters, membership mailings and handouts, activity groups, meeting rooms, parties and more. MOMS Club is a non-profit club.

Q: How do I join the Bowie, Maryland chapter?
A: Once you have decided to join the club, email the Membership Vice President at: